Saturday, 30 August 2008

Ben Avon - via MTB

Pedalling up Ben Avon was easy but a long drag of about 8 miles. Starting from Keiloch, pay parking then a solitary roll up the draggy climb thru Glen Slugain. You pass some fine examples of old Caledonian pines and other stands of native trees eg Mountain Ash. Plenty of Deer sign but none visible.

Sweet singletrack with occasional drainge dips and bunny hops to wake me up. This path is only a year or two old, some contractors were tweaking the fine gravel near the drainage channels. Pity it's not 6inches narrower.

A trail panorama, still more singletrack ahead. Even though a few had passed. Plenty ofsmall crystal clear streams for refreshement stops. There are a few erratic boulders big enough for bivvying under too.

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