Friday, 26 December 2008

Swiss Army Ranger Volcano Stove

Recieved this cool stove, from a Group buy on forum. Used the packaging for fuel. It can use a meths, trangia style, burner too.

The cup fits snugly on top, sealing the chimney effect.

Only a few mins 5-10, for a cuppa to be ready. Lighting the cardboard and letting it 'volcano' first then popping on the bottle or cup.

The burner certainly 'volcanoes' well, you can almost see wood gas effects, the gas would ignite if a match was held to it. Blowing in the lower hole shoots the flame up a few inches more.

Even though it was 3degs, the dog was happy watching/snoozing !

The cup, big enough for pasta/pot noodle for one, fits snugly into the side rack while the bottle is on. Note the cork upside down to avoid it blasting off, the bottle can be turned by the handle that supports the cup when it's boiling. This prevents the fire falling out.

A short video showing how to lock the bail for water bottle boiling.
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Sunday, 14 December 2008

Lake of Menteith - Mary Queen of Scots Islands

The launch beach is just past the SNH Ferry terminal. This carpark is 30ft from the beach below.

Very still and calm although it was reading 2degs on the car temperature gauge.

An easy and quiet paddle out to the Inchmaholme priory and the smaller island of Inch talla.

Inchtalla ruined castle. The island of Inchtalla, looks as though it's more of a crannog. Only rubble visible at ground level.

The site of the of the ruined castle. Worth a wander around.

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Sunday, 2 November 2008

It Always Rains in Scotland...........

No takers for a paddle 'too cold' quotes in emails. The launch beach at Millarochy Bay, just past Balmaha. Click on the photos for better sizes.

Too hot for a cag and shades req'd. Looking across at the Luss Hills.

Looking NE from behind Creinch.

Lunch stop, Port Bawn beach, Inchcailloch. No sound except for a drumming woodpecker and some squirrels throwing acorns down.

Luckily, didn't need my trowel out, as the composting toilet was open, just off camera left. The building on the background is a wee summer office for the rangers.

Monday, 20 October 2008

Live Ship Tracking

An interesting site showing live tracking of all sorts of ships and their destination and locations etc

Helps avoid being squashed at the likes of Rhu Spit by big subs !

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Nordic or XC ??

Whilst in Aviemore, Saw these skis, Tenner for 3 pairs. One pair has a sticker from a XC in 1984 ! Boots come in at £50 new.

There is a few days every winter when the Ochills are plastered and I have done every munro within three hrs drive, 142, there room in the garage ?, of course !

Too windy to paddle

Must get the laser dinghy fixed, the mast step needs reglassed in. As I drove 200 miles in two days, without paddling, crawling along the A9, trucks overtaking me when I was cruising at 50mph, with the boat on the roof in the gusts.

However, you can't beat a scots history day. So visited the Leonardo Sketches at the Smiths muesum at the City of Stirling. Ironic as they are owned by the Queen, Elizabeth the first of Scotland. The local church is the only surviving church still standing with, Westmintser's, that has coronated Royalty.

The battle site, behind me was where Robert the Bruce rasied the standard of the Scots Army.

Sunday, 5 October 2008

Ben Lawers - First snow of the winter

Went up Lawers, very windy and cold, felt like winter. Fiona enjoyed the snow higher up, yes it's early Oct.

Shazza sending a photo text of the snooooow.
The last gully line to the summit.
The triangulation pillar needs adopted or rebuilt, not gonna last many seasons.

Sunday, 28 September 2008

Sea Kayaking - Seals and Spits

Rhu by Helensburgh

Had a wee paddle, very sunny,managed to get an hr and a half before the rain. Some nice wakes to pop over and a seal followed me for a bit. Ater the spit at Rhu there was quite a wee race, 2-3knots pushing through.

Sunday, 14 September 2008

New Toy - CAG Europe MIWOK

Took out my new toy today, a DAG Europe, single skinned 5.3m boat. Performed very well, straight line tracking, surfed well in 2-3ft swell/clapotis and only need to pad out the thigh braces and seal the hatches better. Compared to a PH Capella, it performed as well as or better in all aspects except the Capella has better leaning chines.

The launch Beach

Blackness Castle - Blackness West Lothian. Looking back at the launch beach.

Blackness Castle - cared for by SNH for the nation, Mel Gibson filmed Hamlet here in the 80s.

A small rockgarden that you can play in and use wee eddy lines at higher tides.

Returned at high tide, quite high spring one. Pretty disgusting water quality. And the stuff in the beach was untypeable.

Friday, 12 September 2008

The Dark Side.............

Well I have gone back, to the dark side, my young padwans. After many years without a kayak paddling urge I have decided to get one, a sea boat, which I'm collecting tomorrow down in 'Gods Own Country' (Doncaster). This is the model here.

Monday, 8 September 2008

Superlight and compact Gas Burner

Coleman Super light F1 - open up the slightly bigger than fag packet sized box and the contents are surprisingly small. Bought from for£12. A small mesh pocket fits all the burner components.

The main burner unit srews onto the support arms and into the std cannisters. The bottom part is the folded up supprt arms.

The arms slide out and lock into the heat resistant plastic. A quick and easy fit.

In use it is a ferocious wee burner and boiled a pint of water very quickly. Reasuringly noisy.

As with all gasburners it needs a windshieled so I'm designing one just now with a snap on heatshield for a pan too, hopefully working like a heat exchanger.

Camping in Oban

Nice site, quiet, great outlook, until my neighbour fired up dance music. I used my '1 second' Quecha pop up tent. The original ones, 20 euros.


Brogan enjoying the sunset.