Saturday, 5 July 2008

Driving up Mont Ventoux

After driving up Mont Ventoux, the Mont Seirin side, couldn't resist another panoramic shot. The snowy alps are just visible on the horizon. At least it was only in the 20s up there, rather than the high 30s below.
There is an idealstopping point at Mont Seirin. The Chalet Liotard. Great Provencal and Paysanne Omlettes and lattes. Also look out for the Bergerie, sheperds.

Who use the Pastou Gaurdien dogs. These dogs take the flock up to the pasture at dawn, guard the flock, then return at dusk, all without any instruction or guidance, amazing. They are also known as Pyrenean Mountain dogs. Above the pastou leads the border collie pups. Don't ever approach them unless theye are with the Berger as they will attack you. Event eh Berger for the above flock admitted that they are very stubborn and won't lead the flock over roadswithut a lot ofushing myhim. Very independant, not good urban family pets ! Last year we read in the 'Dauphine' about a flock of sheep that were driven over a gorge by a pack of Loupin, wolves, and only 4 were eaten the rest died. If they had a Pastou maybe the flock would hve been safe. See more here . And a full wikipedia article.

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